MentalMed Group

Relaxed through times
of desiring pregnancy

The Mental Med Group offers mental coaching on various central topics of life. As a first big pillar the area of fertility coaching was established. Because so far, it was not self-evident that couples with an unfulfilled desire for pregnancy could also find emotional company and support in this very stressful time.

The mother company MentalMed is a franchise concept. The challenge in developing a corporate design laid especially in creating a system, which enabled the affiliation to the group but also allowed for a clear separation of the single subgroups. The design’s intention is to bridge attributes like clinical, medical with a scent of luxury and modern lifestyle. Special focus was to build trust.

The logo as a central element of the design visually represents the psychological process of breaking up, unleashing and freeing up. Adding color variations allows it to be implemented flexibly into various worlds of images. A clear logo font submits sovereignty, while playful headline typography sets an untroubled accent.

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