Monograms and Signets

Signs of timelessness

It is the need for deceleration and durability, which makes the international clienteles come to Zurich to the small monogram studio. Each of the monograms elaborated here is a kind of timeless portrait. A portrait that gives joy over the years and thus becomes a beloved companion.

At the beginning, the first monogram references had to be presented as an online portfolio. Integrating the individual ideas and characteristics of the client into the design is a central unique differentiator, which should be communicated accordingly in the implementation. In addition to the website, a social media strategy should be developed that takes the habits of the target group into account.

The branding of Monogramms and Signets transitions the image of an old tradition into the 21st century. The core element of the visual appearance is at first a photographic portfolio showcasing the various monograms, their different applications, but also the lifestyle of the particular person.
The corporate design is reduced to a timeless, typographical framework of appropriate style with the intention to provide enough space for the presented work. A central element are also the verbal descriptions. They help to understand, how the particular solutions was derived and thus underlines the statement “Unique Like You”.

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