Onegoal Ltd.

Where talent meets

Onegoal is an established Consulting- & Sport Agency within the global football circus. They live high ambitions: sports on a global scale, integrity, classe. These superlatives should also be noticeable in the new brand design after the relaunch.

A change in reglementations resulted in a change of leadership. The business plan was extended to additional markets and services reaching into the private life of the professional clients. In a kind of one-stop-shop the client could give all its professional as well as private matters into the hands of an expert to being able to fully focus on its career.

As much as the innovative consulting-boutique concept, the new corporate design shows off. Sportive, striking headlines combined with classical, elegant typo elements, the same radical interplay continues with high end black & white photography. An uncompromising appearance, refined to the point, which you’d like to be identified with as uncompromisingly.

Brand Positioning, Social Media Strategy, Moodboarding, Logo Design, Corporate Design, Text, User Interface Design