Sandro Varisco

Practice for Chinese Medicine

Rarely in life do you meet people whose powerful and soothing energy is so strongly felt without a single word. The feeling of being-with-oneself, of openness and inner clarity comes naturally. Thus, Chinese medicine is only one part of what contributes to holistic health in Sandro Varisco’s treatments.

The move to the new practice premises was to be followed by a new corporate design. Fixed from the begining was the graphic component of a, skillfully with calligraphic brushstroke made, Chinese character string. It explains Sandro Varisco’s medical philosophy and should also find a firm place in his practice.

Simplicity, aesthetics, empty space, rest, order and the focus on the essentials set the tone. The masterful photographs by Lea Hepp complete the tidy design, which essentially plays with restrained typography and generous white space.

Moodboarding, Corporate Design, Wireframing, User Interface Design