5 good reasons to work together

No. 1


Only those who cultivate their passion with dedication, can inspire and convince sustainable. If you follow your passion too, I will gladly share my lifeblood with you.

No. 2


Many years of brand, UX and UI design, combined with a deep understanding of business and strategic relationships, I have built up valuable experience over time. This sovereignty flows 1: 1 into your work.

No. 3

Holistic thinking

People ignore design that ignores people. And people ignore business models that ignore people.

Thinking holistically therefore means integrating everything: the offering, the business model, the positioning, the communication and, of course, design considerations.

No. 4

Customer focus

Even if technical possibilities change rapidly, one thing remains the same and will always remain the same: the human being with its needs.

Today a holistic customer focus is more important than ever. Not just in design matters.

No. 5

Text is king

Short, clever and entertaining text is the winner of the time and good writing skills are priceless, right from the concept phase onwards.